Love Diagnostic Test

33 questions


1.  Would you buy an outfit that you love, knowing that your partner will hate it?
Of course; what I wear is none of my partner's business!
Yes, I would. S/he would eventually get over it and start liking it.
I would, but I would only wear it when I am not with him/her.
I would, but the outfit would probably remain closet-bound.
No - I wouldn't want to wear something s/he doesn't like.
No - I wouldn't want to get in a fight with my partner over a piece of clothing.
No - I wouldn't even dare to wear something my partner doesn't like.
2.  You and your partner are hanging out together but haven't said more than a few words to each other the entire evening. How would you feel about this?
Weird or upset - we usually talk when we hang out.
Normal - sometimes we talk, sometimes we just keep silent.
Fine - we have been together for such a long time that it's not necessary to talk all the time.
OK - we rarely talk to each other, and I got used to it.
Upset as usual - we rarely talk to each other, and it still bugs me.
3.  Your partner really hits it off with your best buddy. How do you feel about it?
I deeply resent it.
I don't care.
I would prefer them not to hang out alone, but I don't really mind.
I'm thrilled that they get along well.
4.  You are walking in a park. There is a young couple sitting on a bench, kissing passionately. How do feel about such a public display of affection?
It makes me quite uneasy.
It makes me slightly uneasy.
I am more or less comfortable with it.
It's fine with me.
It excites me.