Emotional Intelligence Test

146 questions


97.  Your company raises money for a children's charity, and collects donations from all employees. You and your boss are counting the donations, which total to the amount of $10,200. Your boss decides to even things out, and takes the $200 for himself/herself. You're the only two people in the room and there are no cameras, so he/she can easily get away with it. Your boss doesn't seem to care, emphasizing that most charities are scams anyway. What would you do in response to this?
I'd insist that he/she put it back, because it's just so wrong to take money from children. I'd hope that he/she would change his/her mind.
I'd insist that he/she put it back, or I'd tell upper management or the rest of the employees. And I'd actually do so if he/she didn't return it.
I'd threaten to tell if he/she didn't put it back, but I wouldn't actually do so.
I'd make a disapproving face at most, but I would let it go.
I'd let him/her get away with it. $200 isn't much, and the charity will get a good $10,000 anyway.
I'd threaten to tell unless he/she gave me half.
98.  You're working as a salesperson for a company. Would you advocate a product or service to a client knowing that it wouldn't fit his or her needs?
Absolutely not
Probably not
99.  You're working on a long-term project, one with a major potential payoff in the future. You've been working on it for at least six months, without much observable progress, at least from an outsider's perspective. How would you most likely be feeling at this moment?
Fed up and ready to give up.
Somewhat frustrated, but I'd try to remind myself that it will all be worth it in the end.
A little disappointed that it's taking longer than expected, but I would manage to stay invested.
I'd feel just fine, because I know that I am working towards an amazing goal.
To be honest, I probably wouldn't have lasted as long as six months. I would have given up by now.