Relationship Attachment Style Test

50 questions


In my relationship, I want things to be done my way. People I've dated were scared off because I was too clingy. I feel paralyzed when making decisions because I am scared of choosing an option that will upset my partner or that he or she will disagree with. When a romantic partner wants to be closer to me on an emotional level, I get nervous. I completely neglect my own needs and focus fully on the needs of the people I love. I make sure that I don't do or say anything that might upset my partner, even when my concerns/criticisms are warranted. I have to be whatever my partner desires; otherwise, he or she will leave me. I focus all of my attention on helping my partner; my personal problems don't matter. If I was continuously mistreated or abused by my partner (emotionally, psychologically, or physically), I would leave the relationship. I would be totally useless without my partner.