Sensitivity to Criticism Test
71 questions, 15 min.

During a staff meeting, your team discusses solutions to a problem. You have what you think is a great idea and you share it with the group. To your surprise, your team members don't think it has much merit.
55.  You would conclude that:
"They must think I'm incompetent."
"They're wrong."
"I shouldn't have opened my mouth."
"They'll never come up with something better."
"I'm better off leaving the problem-solving to others."
"They should give my solution a second chance."
"Maybe I'll be able to solve the remaining problems."
"Maybe they should use part of my idea as inspiration."
"I'll help solve the next problem."
"If the majority agrees, then that's fine with me."
56.  How do you feel? (Check all that apply)
Frustrated with my co-workers
Unfairly judged
57.  You would most likely:
Storm out of the room, telling your co-workers off as you do so.
Shut down and stop participating.
Demand an explanation as to why they don't like it.
Think twice before making any other suggestions.
Tell them that you disagree but let it go.
Offer solutions only when you know for certain they won't be rejected.
Let it go without comment.
Offer an occasional suggestion.
Tell them you understand what they are saying, even if you don't completely agree.
Keep thinking hard and making suggestions.