Concentration & Focus Skills Test
21 questions, 5 min.
  Quite Often Often Sometimes Rarely Almost Never
  1 2 3 4 5
1.  My mind tends to drift away when I'm working on something.
2.  I find irrelevant information or thoughts popping into my head when I'm trying to focus on a task.
3.  I employ motivational techniques (e.g. rewards, envisioning how I will feel when the task is complete) to get me through boring or difficult tasks.
4.  When I really need to concentrate, I can tune out my environment.
5.  I arrange my schedule so that I can work on tasks that require the most concentration during the time of day when I am most alert.
6.  When I begin a task, I set specific objectives for what I want to accomplish.
7.  I try to create an optimal environment when I really need to concentrate (e.g. close the door, put up a do-not-disturb sign).