Procrastination Test - Abridged

10 questions

1.  Which of the following statements best describes your attitude to deadlines?
I like having a good time reserve in case something goes wrong.
I like the pressure of an oncoming deadline, but I still need to have a solid time reserve.
I work best when I know there's a deadline coming soon (within a week).
I have the utmost disrespect for deadlines, so I barely finish anything on time.
I love the feeling of racing against the clock to see if I can meet the deadline.
2.  You have a 10-page report due in a month. When do you start working on it?
Three weeks before it is due.
Two weeks before it is due.
One week before it is due.
Several days before it is due.
The night before it is due.
I don't do it at all.
3.  When I'm at work or studying, I find myself daydreaming.
Most of the time
Almost never
4.  It is Wednesday and the deadline for a rather important assignment is Friday, but you're just not "in the zone". What do you do?
I figure that I'm just not going to get in the groove, and try again tomorrow
I force myself to start working and do what I have to do.
I wait until I find myself in the mood.
I spend a good amount of time on preparations - getting motivated, planning, making lists, developing a strategy, sharpening pencils etc.
I break it up into smaller steps and start working.
5.  When I have something pressing to do that isn't really appealing (cleaning my room, organizing CD's, doing my taxes), I typically:
find something else more interesting to work on.
immediately start working on that particular task.
start working on it but drag it out with other distractions (phone calls, making trips to the bathroom, getting something to eat, etc).
start working on it for a little while, but move on to something else if I get bored or frustrated.