ADHD/Attention Deficit Disorder Test

20 questions


6.  Do you set goals for yourself that you can't seem to achieve?
Yes, I can't get close to accomplishing even the simplest of goals. I just can't seem to get my act together.
Yes, I set reasonable goals, but I almost always seem to sabotage myself just when I have nearly succeeded.
Sometimes, but I achieve many of the goals I set for myself.
No, I achieve most of the goals that I set for myself.
No, I achieve practically all of the goals I set for myself.
7.  When you were a child, did you often have trouble sustaining attention, following directions, and/or finishing assignments? Did you often lose things, make careless mistakes and/or get in trouble for not listening?
Yes, all those statements applied to me as a child
Yes, a few of those statements applied to me as a child
No, I wasn't like that, although of course there were occasional situations where I had difficulty paying attention.
No, I was the opposite of that actually.
8.  How true of you is the following statement? "No matter what I do, I can't finish everything I want to get done on time."
Completely true of me
Very true of me
Somewhat true of me
Not at all true of me
9.  Do you feel that a lack of attention has a significant and negative impact on your life?
Yes, it interferes with work/school/other duties on a daily basis.
Yes, it often interferes with work/school/other duties
No, it bothers me occasionally but I can force myself to do what I need to get done if I have to.
No, I don't have any problems paying attention.
10.  If you feel that you do have a problem paying attention, how long have you had such difficulties?
Just today in fact
A month
Six months
My whole life - I've always been like this!
N/A - I don't have trouble paying attention.